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Welcome to TFI - dedicated to intermediary mortgage lending

We’ve always done things differently. Teachers Building Society was founded in 1966 to solve a problem - lending to professionals (teachers) whose (relatively) low income and small deposits meant they weren't considered attractive lending prospects by high street lenders.

We bucked a trend - offering equality of lending regardless of gender (before the Sex Discrimination act of 1975).

Teachers for Intermediaries was born by applying our somewhat rebellious founding principles to the modern mortgage market.

TFI is dedicated to intermediary mortgage lending. We provide mortgages to teachers and other professionals, for standard residential, buy to let and holiday let purposes.

But, just as in the 60s, we don't ask borrowers to tick boxes. We know there are a whole host of obstacles that can make getting a mortgage difficult: age, unusual income sources, atypical properties or the timing of a purchase - so we offer a range of complex mortgage solutions too.

As well as looking at the merits of borrowers individually, we believe our founders got something else right – processing applications by hand. Technological advancements over the last 50 years have been amazing, but sometimes you can’t beat the human touch, and mortgage processing is one of those exceptions.


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