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Our parent company, Teachers Building Society (TBS), was founded in the 1960s to lend help professionals (teachers) whose small deposits and (relatively) low incomes meant they were considered unattractive lending prospects.

TFI, the intermediary lending arm of TBS, is as passionate about helping professionals own homes today as our founders were in the sixties.

Today TFI helps not just teachers buy homes, but borrowers of any profession wanting to take their first steps on the housing ladder.

Because we have specialist knowledge built from years of experience we also offer buy to let and holiday let mortgages through TFI.

What's more, our mortgages come with an added feel good factor. Because we're a mutual organisation the profits we make from our mortgages are ploughed back into the business, allowing us to help more first time buyers with smaller deposits take their first steps on the housing ladder. So when your clients borrow with us, they're not just buying their own home, they're indirectly helping other buyers too.

TFI mortgages for professionals: what you need to know:

  • Mortgages for up to 5 times joint income (subject to affordability)
  • Lending up to 95% for teachers (or those buying jointly with a teacher) and for shared ownership applications
  • Lending up to 90% LTV (for all other occupations)
  • Applications from any occupation welcomed
  • Job changes? We'll accept applications from clients in a probation period or ahead of starting a new position (subject to criteria*)
  • NHS or Police? We can accept 100% of overtime/shift allowance pay

Mortgages for teachers and other professionals

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*Future income – additional information:

  • New teachers (ECTs/ NQTs) - mortgage completion 2 months before their role commences possible subject to evidence being received that they have passed their PGCE before the mortgage offer being issued.
  • Other professionals - Where an applicant is commencing new employment completion is unaffected subject to the mortgage being affordable on both the current salary and future salary. Where affordability is reliant on the new salary completion can take place 2 months before the new role commencing subject to the applicant being currently in employment.

Family business - For applicants employed by a family business 3 months employment history evidenced by payslips and bank statements is required.