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Lending criteria - complex mortgages from TFI

Have you got a complex client case?

We lend to those with timing issues, with unusual income, buying atypical properties, whose age makes them 'non-standard' and those who want to buy with family where there are complex needs.

The team at TFI are ready to help you find the right mortgage solution - more detail on our complex specialisms is below.

  • Loans of up to £1.5m (potential exceptions with credit committee approval)
  • Mortgages up to 80% LTV
  • Interest only lending available up to 70% LTV
  • Mortgages for up to 6 times income (where evidenced earnings exceed £200k per annum)
  • Bonus acceptance = 75% (for financial services professionals 60% for other professionals)
  • Ability to evaluate a range of financial assets for income, monetising wealth for affordability
  • No assets under management (AUM) requirements
  • Options for borrowing jointly with family where there are complex needs

Do you have clients who want to:

  • Break a property chain?
  • Secure their dream home in a competitive market?
  • Ensure the sale of their former home isn't rushed?
  • Provide time to update old/new/both properties?
  • Simply create time to move at their own pace?

TFI short term mortgages offer an alternative to bridging finance, flexible to a range of needs.

Highlights include:

  • ERC free lending
  • Lending terms of 2-5 years
  • Max 80% LTV (max 70% LTV for interest only)
  • Part interest only/part capital repayment options available

  • Have you seen clients who are asset rich but traditional income poor?
  • Do their assets include a mixture of cash, investments, trusts, pensions or net profit in their business?
  • Does their income appear low relative to their borrowing needs?
  • Do they already own a valuable property or properties?

If the answer is YES we can create outcomes from incomes

We can:

  • Evaluate other financial assets for income, monetising their wealth for affordability
  • Boost income using a potential drawdown from managed investments/pensions (potential to draw remains in applicants control)
  • Lend up to £2m, maximum 80% LTV (or 70% LTV interest only)
  • Lend up to six times income where evidenced earnings exceed £200k p.a.
  • Accept up to 75% of bonus income

All with NO Assets Under Management (AUM) requirements.

We can help your clients who want to buy an unusual property, for example:

  • Residential properties that come with an annexe (used by family or as a holiday let)
  • Residential properties that come with two (max) self contained holiday cottages in the grounds
  • Town houses with basement flats sold separately/ on a long lease
  • Conversions of two separate dwellings into a single home (one title deed at completion)
  • Re-mortgages of converted properties (barn, school house, chapel)
  • Country retreat including one or more of grounds/ woodland/ stables/ paddocks/ up to two holiday cottages (excludes agricultural ties, livestock or commercial use)
  • Second homes
  • City base
  • Holiday homes

Lending highlights on atypical properties include:

  • Max 80% LTV, Max 70% LTV for interest only, max 75% LTV for second homes
  • Income from a variety of sources considered, including investments and pensions
  • Analysis of site to determine proportion which is purely residential

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