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Getting retirement ready

Raising funds to secure a new retirement home in cash, whilst remaining in their current property to oversee renovations ahead of a sale.

Having their cake....& eating it

Helping a couple secure their new home with a short term interest only mortgage to cover the deposit, ahead of selling their existing home.

A rural retreat

This couple had a potential issue of mixed use prohibiting a mortgage offer when looking to buy their dream home in rural Gloucestershire.

Saving a broken chain

How we enabled a client to secure their forever home with a short term ERC free mortgage after their buyers suddenly pulled out.

Monetising assets post divorce

A case study detailing how we monetised a client's assets following a divorce to secure the family home with a short term interest only mortgage.

Buy now, sell later

Utilising a client's assets to secure two short term interest only mortgages that allowed them to purchase their new property ahead of their sale.

Turning two into one

Securing a part repayment/part interest only solution to reduce outgoings, enabling the client to remain in their current rental during remodelling works.

A pound for pound remortgage

Learn how we helped an older couple with an atypical employment income remortgage successfully.