Getting retirement ready

Raising funds to secure a new retirement home in cash, whilst remaining in their current property to oversee renovations ahead of a sale.

Having their cake....& eating it

Helping a couple secure their new home with a short term interest only mortgage to cover the deposit, ahead of selling their existing home.

A rural retreat

This couple had a potential issue of mixed use prohibiting a mortgage offer when looking to buy their dream home in rural Gloucestershire.

Saving a broken chain

How we enabled a client to secure their forever home with a short term ERC free mortgage after their buyers suddenly pulled out.

Monetising assets post divorce

A case study detailing how we monetised a client's assets following a divorce to secure the family home with a short term interest only mortgage.

Buy now, sell later

Utilising a client's assets to secure two short term interest only mortgages that allowed them to purchase their new property ahead of their sale.

Turning two into one

Securing a part repayment/part interest only solution to reduce outgoings, enabling the client to remain in their current rental during remodelling works.

A pound for pound remortgage

Learn how we helped an older couple with an atypical employment income remortgage successfully.

Mortgage Appointments

Wondering how you know if you're ready for a mortgage appointment, or what a mortgage appointment entails? We have you covered with this super simple guide.

Emergency funds

In need of some help on how to stash the cash for those unexpected life events? Check out our easy to read guide that takes you through the process whether you're starting your savings journey or just want to build on it.

Cost of Living 28 Day Challenge

It’s safe to say, we’re all feeling the pinch at the moment, so follow along with our money-saving, 28 day challenge and see what you could save by making small tweaks to your home and lifestyle.

How we help ECTs

Soon to qualify or have recently qualified as a teacher? Firstly, congratulations! Secondly, this guide is a great place to start to understand more about how we can help ECTs with their first mortgages, as a teacher specialist mortgage lender.

Be fraud aware

We want to help you avoid becoming the victim of financial fraud. This simple guide provides tips and information about how to keep your accounts, and your money, safe.

Savings jargon buster

Feeling in the dark when it comes to savings sayings? Don’t worry. In this guide we’ve explained the simple meanings behind the most commonly used terms and phrases around saving and investing.


Mortgage jargon buster

We try not to use industry jargon when we’re talking about mortgages, but some terms and phrases just can’t be replaced. In this simple guide we simply explain the lingo you’re most likely to encounter.

10 things to look at when viewing a property

Viewing a potential home for purchase is really exciting, but whilst a “good feeling” is important, it’s also worth considering more practical aspects whilst looking around. In this short guide we share 10 things to look at when viewing a property you’re considering purchasing.

10 questions to ask an estate agent

It's common when viewing a potential property that an estate agent shows you round and tells you some basic information about the home. But as industry experts is there extra information they have that would be useful to you in the decision making process? In this guide we reveal 10 things you could consider asking to leave you armed with as much information as possible.

How to buy a home

Have you ever wondered where to start when it comes to buying a home of your own? For the first time buyer we know it can feel daunting and want to help simplify things. In this guide we explain in ten simple steps how to progress from prospective buyer to home owner.