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A bit about us

We’re Teachers Building Society. We help those who teach across England and Wales buy homes.

It’s our one and only mission and it’s been driving us for over half a century.

In the sixties teachers in general and women in particular were considered unattractive lending prospects by high street providers, so our somewhat rebellious founders set out to change things and make it possible for any teacher to own a home. In fact they created the Society solely to serve that purpose.

By forming a mutual organisation they guaranteed that we’d be able to focus on the interests of our members (customers that borrow from us or save with us), rather than shareholders that banks or other limited companies are answerable to.

This means we’ve remained unwaveringly dedicated to the education community and our cause of helping teachers with smaller deposits buy homes. Everything we do comes back to this.

Building societies have long worked on the basis of using collective savings deposits to support mortgage lending. Which means those who save with us are helping us lend more money to teachers who want to buy a home. It’s a way of giving back to teachers, a ‘thank you’ that supports them taking a step into homeownership.

Because we’re the only building society that specialises in teachers, we know them well. And we mean really well. The mortgages and savings we offer are designed for teachers and their needs. Each and every colleague remains as dedicated to helping teachers as our founders were and the service they provide is focussed on making dealing with us both personal and simple.

In a socially conscious economy it’s not uncommon for organisations to cite a responsible purpose, but we are truly unique in retaining a focus that set us apart long before it was customary. From the products we offer to the way we do business we are 100% teacher first and we won’t rest until every teacher that wants our support in buying a first home has received it.

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