The serious stuff

The serious stuff

Trust – it’s an essential element of any relationship, and especially so in a tough financial climate when you’re considering the care of your hard earned savings, or which lender you want to borrow the largest sum of your life with to get you onto the property ladder.

We’ve been trusted to look after teachers' money since we opened for business on 1 December 1966. Like all building societies, we balance deposits from savers with lending mortgages to homebuyers. On the strength of our proposed mission – creating a building society focussed on lending to teachers – we attracted investment to start our business in the sixties.

We’ve been managing that money carefully ever since. We pride ourselves in taking the same safe, solid, fair approach to your money as we would our own in fact.

At the helm of our organisation are a board of highly experienced non executive directors. They’ve worked across financial services and other industries. They understand the rules and regulations that keep your money protected and know the education sector, helping shape the organisation in managing your money.

For extra peace of mind, savings with us are protected up to £85,000 under the financial services deposit guarantee scheme (FSCS). This limit is applied to the total amount held with Teachers Building Society and gives government-backed protection for all your savings up to this amount held with us.

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Our most recent AGM was on Thursday 25 April 2024

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