Why teachers love us

The reasons teachers love us

One of the questions we’re most often asked by teachers researching mortgage options is what makes us different from other lenders. It’s a fair question. When you’re about to spend the largest amount of money in your life, borrowing it from the right lender is important. You need to know they’re on your side. 

Here are the things teachers tell us they love about us.

  1. Affordability. Houses are really expensive. We know in many towns and cities taking even a first step on the ladder is a challenge. That’s why we lend teachers up to 5 times their joint salary (subject to affordability). 

  2. Mortgages for those with small deposits. We know that saving up a deposit is really hard. Often applicants are in private rented accommodation, and paying for a place to live whilst saving to buy is a really tough ask. That’s why we ask for a minimum deposit of just 5% to borrow from us.

  3. Mortgages for those with a new job? We can lend to teachers based on a job offer – we don’t need to see extensive employment history. For ECTS (NQTs) we treat 12 month initial contracts as a permanent role. In fact, we can even lend to ECTs (NQTs) before they start work, so you can move in before your September start.

  4. Career progression is taken into account. Because we’ve been focussed on lending to teachers exclusively since day one (which was way back in 1966) we understand how teacher pay ranges work and where salary rises will lead you as your career progresses. So we take that into account when calculating what we can lend you.

  5. Exclusive access to our best rates. We save our best (lowest) mortgage rates exclusively for teachers. That’s it, no tricks or twists. You get the best of what we have on offer.

  6. Mortgages for contract/supply teachers. Providing a service that is vital to schools shouldn’t exclude you from being a homeowner. We lend to teachers on contracts and those in supply roles (with two terms evidenced employment in area you’re buying). 

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