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Payment difficulty support options

Sometimes life doesn’t go to plan. Whether it’s a change to your job, personal relationships, health or another unexpected event you may find that meeting your monthly mortgage payments is difficult. If that’s happened, we’d like to help. Here’s how we’ll help you get back to a good place in three simple steps.

  1. Talk to us
  2. When you are experiencing financial difficulties, it can be tempting to ignore the problem and try to carry on as normal. However, it is essential that you talk to us as soon as you can - even if you haven't yet missed a mortgage payment.

    The best place to start is by making contact with our friendly team 0800 783 2367 and filling us in on what’s been happening. Our expert team have many years of experience and you won’t be the first person who has needed to ask for support. In fact, it’s what we’re here for.

    When you call, you will get straight through to a friendly, experienced member of our team who will chat to you about your current circumstances. This is an informal discussion to help us gain a better understanding of your situation and, most importantly, what we can do to help. We may also ask you to complete a budget planner, to help us better understand your monthly outgoings, because the more we understand the more appropriate the solution we can offer.

  3. Talk to other experts
  4. Getting independent advice on both the financial issues you’re having and the problems you’re experiencing at this testing time is also a good idea – there are a range of organisations offering free, confidential support, including:

    Education Support - an organisation that provides specialist support and advice for teachers and education staff

    Citizens Advice Bureau – a national charity offering free online, over the phone and in person advice on a range of issues

    Money Helper – a free service dedicated to offering help with money issues. Download the Problems Paying Your Mortgage booklet for more information

    StepChange – a charity focussed on issues around dealing with debt

    National Debtline – a charity providing free debt advice and resources

    The Money and Mental Health Policy Institute – an independent charity who can provide advice and support with your finances if you are experiencing mental health problems.

    Finally if your income has been impacted by the Coronvirus Pandemic, you can find details about the current guidance and support that may be available to assist you at GOV.UK

  5. Review your options
  6. Having reviewed your current situation, the next step is to discuss the different options available to you. Our aim is to find a solution that we are both comfortable with, and we will provide you with full details on how these options work, giving you enough time to consider any changes. Some of the options we may discuss with you are:

    • Arranging a new payment plan that suits both of us
    • Changing the way you make your payments or the date you make them on
    • Extending your mortgage term to allow you to repay your mortgage over a longer period, reducing your monthly payments
    • Moving you to an interest-only payment method for a short period of time, reducing your monthly payments

    We will always give you reasonable time to pay back the debt. If you would like us to, we will also talk to an agency, such as the Citizens Advice Bureau, to assist in arranging a payment plan for you.

    We're delighted that we were able to help you purchase a home, and the last thing we want to do is take that away. However, if we are unable to offer any of these options, we might agree to you remaining in the property to sell the property yourself. We will only start proceedings to repossess your home as a last resort, in the event we are unable to solve the problem with you.

  7. Monitor
  8. Having decided upon a course of action, we will work together to monitor your account, keeping in touch with you to see if your financial position has changed. We will also contact you if we notice that the terms of any arrangement have been broken, or if you are nearing the end of your arrangement and there are still arrears on your account.

    If your situation changes in any way, please contact us to let us know so we can make sure that the options we have agreed regarding your mortgage account are still appropriate.

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